Sam’s Club Football Tailgating Party Essentials {free printable}


Many thanks to Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s story and getting me ready for tailgating. I don’t know anything about football.True story.But I have been known to put on a good football tailgating party.Also true.I’ve created some awesome free football tailgating party printables for you, (a pennant and these inspiring flags) and compiled a list [...]

One Week of Educational Activities from July/August Cricket Magazines


My aunt got me the best gift for my birthday! A subscription to some amazing titles from Cricket Magazines! And I’ve already put the first issue into good use. Try these activities from cricket magazine this week! I had never heard of Cricket magazines before and I love them. LOVE! Each magazine focuses on a [...]

Oh hey, we homeschool now! {Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 1}


Thank you for the most encouraging words about our decision to homeschool. That was rad. Truly. Now that we have been “outted” as homeschoolers, the next question is, what do you actually do during the week with Classical Conversations? Well, here ya go… Classical Conversations Cycle 3, Week 1: Monday we go to the Classical [...]

Why we decided to homeschool…


“I will never ever homeschool!” ”Kids need to learn from someone else besides their parents. And I don’t think my kids will learn well from me!” ”I can’t wait when all my kids are in school! My house will be clean and I can workout again!” ”Christians need to stay in the public schools!” ”I [...]

Spa Day with bambuearth and Cora Jane


Last week I had a friend over, it happened to be while Cyrus and I were making banana bread together. A few of her children asked if they could help, I politely told them, “Sorry, this is a special activity for just me and Cyrus.” Cyrus bubbled up with pride! My friend asked if I [...]

Krochet Kids {plus a giveaway}


At this time last year we went to an event for Krochet Kids at their office in Costa Mesa. We were hosting Abby at the time. Gosh I loved that girl, and often wonder how she is doing. I can’t believe this picture was taken a year ago! I really love Krochet Kids. They have [...]

Dear All the VBSes…


We love VBS! I try to do 3 a summer. Is that crazy? We keep in contact with friends from other churches and my kids get to learn that we are part of something bigger than our crazy family. I love a lot of things about VBS, but there is one thing I hate. Like [...]

Let’s Talk Bums { Cottonelle wipes & dispenser}


We just finished potty training Tess. She was ready. We were ready. That was good! It’s crazy to think this might be the last little person we potty train. Boo. We are pretty casual potty trainers. But I have friends who have been successful with the 3 day boot camp style, or by transitioning to [...]

It’s Hot. Eat Ice Cream { ice cream maker giveaway}


About two months ago I was walking past a neighbor’s house, (people we had never met about 7ish houses down the street), and I noticed they were painting an array of chairs in bright colors. Um… painting old crap bright colors… that’s right up my alley. So of course I stopped to chat. Then invited [...]