#iheartOC Giving Day {$2 million dollars can go a long way!}


I’m thrilled to be a small part of the first ever OC Community Foundation #iheartOC Giving Day! What is this “Giving Day”? (You’re thinking) Well, Thanks for asking! The short answer is: OCCF is rallying together all the amazing folks in Orange County to raise $2 million dollars toward OC non-profits, within a 30 hour […]

Dollar Bin Challenge Test Tube Candle


Our January dollar bin challenge was a tough one for me. We found those glass test tubes in the dollar section of Michaels (they have plastic ones at Target), and while they are so cool looking, I had no idea what the hay I was going to do with them. The candle kinda reminded me […]

CASHFLOW board game {…even more family arguments than Monopoly!}


{Disclosure: Many thanks to RichDad for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me and my family to be financially savvy with CASHFLOW! Although this article is sponsored by RichDad, all my opinions are my own. What else can I disclose?… um… I never do posts about something I don’t like… ever. Oh and I cuss at […]

Mark 1:1-11 John the Baptizer


Continuing our Gospel of Mark devotion series… Find the introduction here. Mark 1:1-11 John the Baptizer Read Mark 1:1-11 here. Mark introduces Jesus the Messiah by, appropriately, introducing John the Baptist first. Mark describes John as, “thunder in the desert.” I picture a hot, dry wasteland. Nothing for miles with very little life. Suddenly the […]

Mark Devotion – an introduction


I received The Message version of the Bible about five years (and two kids) ago as a gift from my mom at Christmas. I wanted to just pick up the Bible and read it like I read books. I wanted to get lost in the narratives and read the letters with the expectancy and reverence […]

Grey Water –it’s a thing and I want a system


My grandfather was a farmer here in Orange County. He grew oranges, go figure! He would save plastic containers to put at the bottom of his shower. After his shower the containers would be full of water, and he would go out and water his garden. I’d like to call this genius, and the easiest/cheapest […]

7 Ways Small Children Can Save the World {Green Kids Book Giveaway}


Kids can make a big impact on the environment in a positive way. Even small children. And to make a big impact, you don’t have to do big things. So here are 7 ways small children can save the world! I’m only becoming more and more of an ecologist. (I blame my obsessed-with-recycling-mom and my […]

Dollar Bin Challenge Baby Doll Bed


I love the dollar bins in every store. Don’t we all! Don’t you kinda feel like you are sticking it to the man when you get something from that section? (Or am I the only one?) My crafty friends and I got together and created the Dollar Bin Challenge! We each picked up the same […]

MilkSplash {my kids get a kick out of this}


My kids crack me up. They are entertained by the simplest things! Right now they are getting the biggest kick out of MilkSplash. MilkSplash is a zero calorie flavoring for milk, one squirt flavors a whole cup. I think the kids love it so much because they can put it in all by themselves – […]