DIY CC Geography Maps {week 1 and 2}

CC Geography maps

We started homeschooling last year and we are loving every minute. Our curriculum is called Classical Conversations and it is fantastic. I wanted to share this printable DIY CC Geography Maps for weeks 1 and 2. All you need is a glue stick, one piece of blue, green, brown and red construction paper and the […]

I got botox at CosmetiCare… and liked it!


I tried botox at CosmetiCare …and I liked it! I always said I would NEVER do any kind of plastic surgery or beauty-type procedure. Even non-invasive ones. Mind you, I said that when I was in my mid-twenty with no wrinkles, and when I thought I was fat… but was 40 pounds lighter than I am […]

Getting the Perfect Car with the Help of #ECCUAuto

we love foreign exchange

This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions are my own… especially the one about a teen’s first car! We are officially the parents of a teen driver! What? You didn’t know we had a teenager?? It’s time I came clean… I have a secret love-child. J/K I’m talking about our foreign exchange student, James. […]

Forest Home Family Camp {why & free printable camping banner}


“The days are long. The years are short.” A woman told me that years ago as we were waiting in line at Costco. I was doing my best to keep my 4 little ones entertained, and I’m sure I looked frazzled… perhaps there was even the smell of a ripe diaper in the air. When I […]

Bulletproof Coffee {Feeling Weak & Tired}

free printable

Do you ever feel like your tank is half full? I do. I’m tired. I used to chalk it up to having kids in diapers and sleepless nights, but we are out of that phase. (Try not to cry, self). Coffee helps, but I was adding so much cream I was feeling like the diary […]

Summer is winding down down down…

Free printable

I got a mac. (Crazy deal from a friend.) I get beyond flustered when I have to learn new technology. (Which is ironic considering I exclusively work on the internet.) It feels difficult for me to write blog posts on the mac. So I haven’t been doing it. (First world problems.) Any hoo. I’m insane, what […]

The Cube Beats Summer Brain Drain {#newatthecube}


Has your summer started yet? Ours has, and we are already clicking through our Summer Bucket List! {Some of the new things we added this year: eat at every restaurant in our small city and build a backyard fire pit!} One of the biggies every year is a visit to The Discovery Cube. This year’s […]

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf {They Love Teachers!}


This post is a public service announcement for all my teacher friends! In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Day (Tuesday, May 5, 2015), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, teachers and faculty members can whip out their school ID and get any regular (16 oz.) beverage for only $2! Two Bucks!!! Just to honor the […]