How to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course {HomeFront for March}


This month’s HomeFront Magazine features two great articles by me!! Squeeeeeeee! (I’ll share the first today, and the second tomorrow.) Building a backyard obstacle course is a Small Thing! One of those Small Things your kids will remember forever. It will cost you ZERO dollars and keep your littles busy for at least an hour! [...]

Natural Everyday Make-up {featuring Younique 3D Fiber Lashes }


People compliment me all the time on my natural face. Little do they know, it takes minutes to do in the morning and costs pennies! I use a hodge podge of items and I discovered most over the years through trial and error. I’m also a creature of habit – if I have a product [...]

Team Jaime {and Rainbow Yarn Letter Tutorial}


Frikin’ Frak! Shoot! Frickity Frik Frak! Bleep Cancer!!!!!!! (just in case you don’t know me, that’s my cussing) One of my dear friends, Jaime, found a lump in her breast and two weeks later she is starting chemo. She had no symptoms (except the lump) and now we know it has passed though her lymph [...]

Me and Magazines! {OC Family and HomeFront}


Often I write things, and my heart goes into every word, and I’m flooded with tears or laughter.And no one says a word.One time I was in a magazine for a hair tutorial.And I’m recognized at the doctor’s office.True story. I had a great time doing this little shoot because I was helping out a [...]

Rain Barrel {there’s a drought going on y’all}


While most of the country has been under (at least) a foot of snow, Southern California has been enjoying fantastic weather. The kind of weather that makes you want to sit on the roof and enjoy the sunset.True Story. But sometimes some “big” weather happens around here. The temperature falls below 70 degrees and this [...]

Sundays – The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth


We are always blessed by going to church. Sometimes by the message. Ha. (See what I did there? Church is so much more to us than a pastor’s message.) For me last week, I was blessed most by a song. (I didn’t write about last week during nap time because we went to Costco… which you [...]

Kleenex Necklace


My mom and I had a running joke before she died about making a Kleenex necklace. After every sneeze she would go get a Kleenex, only to return to a kiddo who had wiped their boogers on their arm… or shirt… or the couch… or a sibling… you know, just being real. She would say [...]