7 Ways Small Children Can Save the World {Green Kids Book Giveaway}


Kids can make a big impact on the environment in a positive way. Even small children. And to make a big impact, you don’t have to do big things. So here are 7 ways small children can save the world! I’m only becoming more and more of an ecologist. (I blame my obsessed-with-recycling-mom and my […]

Dollar Bin Challenge Baby Doll Bed


I love the dollar bins in every store. Don’t we all! Don’t you kinda feel like you are sticking it to the man when you get something from that section? (Or am I the only one?) My crafty friends and I got together and created the Dollar Bin Challenge! We each picked up the same […]

MilkSplash {my kids get a kick out of this}


My kids crack me up. They are entertained by the simplest things! Right now they are getting the biggest kick out of MilkSplash. MilkSplash is a zero calorie flavoring for milk, one squirt flavors a whole cup. I think the kids love it so much because they can put it in all by themselves – […]

I’m voting tomorrow! Neel Kashkari


Tomorrow is the day we get to vote. I love voting! When I was in college, elections got me excited to be involved in the change. I loved learning about the candidates and researching the props. Now, not so much. I feel a little jaded and get depressed when I see corrupt city councils. Two […]

Riley’s Farm – {flashback in time & apple picking}


Every year people in Orange County flock to Oak Glen area for apple picking. Every year I miss apple season and I tell myself, “we’ll go next year.” Not this year! We went, and it was awesome. Our Homeschool charter does a field trip to Riley’s Farm every year. Woo hoo!! Someone else got it […]

Happy Halloween from Small Things!


I started this blog over 6 years ago. For my business. And for local events. Then it got personal. Now I share my heart and you read my words. Lots of you. Thanks for walking this journey of words with me! Happy Halloween! Have a great Halloween! Love, Unicorn, Ninja, Cheerleader and Cloudy with a […]

DIY Plank Headboard – You can make this tonight!


It was 6pm on a Sunday evening and I said to my husband, “I really want to do a DIY plank headboard.” I showed him a blog post of an plank entryway I had pinned on pinterest. He was like, “Bring it!” And came upstairs with a Sawzall and cut off our current headboard. By […]

DIY Travel Route Map


I can’t believe it’s been over a year since our trip! Those two weeks were life changing for our family and much needed to regroup after my mom’s death. Which still feels like yesterday to me. We made this DIY Roadtrip Travel Route Map so we can remember our vacation forever. The shape of this trip […]

Hiking Holy Jim Falls with the Family


It’s been awhile since I just posted a good ole’ fashioned lifestyle post. I think Instagram ate my blog. This makes me sad. I will fix that. One of my most favorite memories of the summer was hiking Holy Jim Falls in the Cleveland National Forest, out in Trabuco Canyon. The hike is doable with […]